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Our pest technicians are fully licenced and constantly updating their skills through additional training with industry leaders to ensure we deliver you the best treatment plan.

While our general pest treatment targets ants, cockroaches, silverfish and spiders, every home is different. If your major problem is mosquitoes, midges, wasps or rodents then we will customise our pest prevention and management plan to suit your home.

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Pest Control Solutions

Termite Inspections
“Termites can cause damage in excess of $3500 from a small infestation” and as even the best house insurance policy does not cover for termite…
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Ants are the tiniest and most annoying of all the pests, their behaviour can be seemingly unpredictable a sea of ants usually follow the…
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Cockroaches are one of the oldest living creatures on earth, which just shows their ability to adapt to any situation and continue to breed….
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Australia is home to thousands of species of Spiders, some of them are quite harmless but there are others that are extremely poisonous. Any…
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Mosquitoes & Midges
Mosquitoes spread diseases like Malaria, Ross River Fever, Dengue Fever and Yellow Fever, this makes them the most dangerous creature on Earth. Zika Virus…
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Fleas & Silverfish
It is rare to have a flea infestation without the presence of pets however it can happen. These pesky creatures thrive in humid conditions,…
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Bed Bugs
There has been a significant increase in bed bugs in the last 2 years with more and more infestations requiring professional treatment. If you…
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Bird Management
Pigeons are the most common species of birds causing a problem to homes in SE Queensland. By nesting under solar panel systems and in…
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Bees & Wasps
Bees and wasps are most active throughout the day in warmer weather and while they aren’t aggressive unless provoked or threatened, the sight of…
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Termites are the most destructive species in the world. When termite colonies feed, they cause huge amounts of damage to buildings and structures. At…
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Having rodents in your home can be more than just annoying; they can cause extensive damage to your property and pass on diseases through…
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CTS invest in the latest products and technologies to make sure we deliver effective treatments designed to eliminate, prevent and maintain results.

Pest control is not what it used to be, harmful blanket treatments have been replaced with a range of targeted products applied in specific areas which are not harmful to your family or your pets.

Our treatment methods are different, internally targeting the actual source of the problem where the pests breed and hide, rather than a surface treatment which acts as a barrier

  • Dusting into all weep holes to penetrate the wall cavity areas externally
  • Internal spray to skirting’s and entry points eg window frames, cavity sliders and doors
  • Dusting under fridges, dishwashers, ovens for maximum results
  • Baiting hotspots for cockroaches
  • Chemical spray to exterior walls not just cracks and crevices
  • Rodent baits in lockable stations
  • Freeze technology for wasps
  • Extensively misting of grass, vegetation and wet or low lying areas for breeding mosquitoes.

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