Pre-purchase & Invasive Inspections

Building Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections provide home buyers with a comprehensive pre-purchase property inspection report advising of any major structural defects and minor maintenance issues as well as identifying the presence of active termites and termite damaged areas. 

We carry out thorough investigations of the following areas of the property, building interior and exterior including the roof space, roof exterior, sub floor and garage, carport and any sheds

The type of things we are looking for when we inspect your home;

Termite Inspections
  • Evidence of swarmers (Alates)
  • Termite leads
  • Construction joint mudding/disruption
  • Termite friendly environments 
  • Wood damage both structural and cosmetic 
  • Discolouration to walls
  • Paint abnormalities
  • High moisture areas
  • Leaking pipes from air-conditioning units and hot water systems
  • Leaks in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry

CTS is also qualified in invasive inspections. If active termites are suspected in a cavity wall for example an invasive inspection may be recommended which is a small opening cut into the wall. If an active nest is found a treatment to this area will be recommended and either a bait station will be mounted on the wall for further treatment. If the area is chemically treated or there is no activity a vent will be installed on completion.

Building Inspections

Doors and Frames

Binding doors, defective door hardware, corroded or decaying frames, damage, out of square frames, badly fitting doors.


Sagging, cracking, defective lining, nails popping, plaster damage, mould issues and water stains.

Timber & Concrete Floors

Damage, decay, out of level, dampness & damp damage, floor movement such as spring & bounce, cracking, surface damage, water damage, mould issues.


Taps, tubs/cabinet, tiles, ventilation


Bench top, cupboards, tiles, sealants to wet areas, leaking plumbing, water damage.

Timber & Metal Framed Windows

Cracked glass, fittings and hardware, water staining, decaying frames and sashes, glazing seals, water staining, corrosion, binding issues, waterproofing issues.

Bathrooms & W.C

Cistern & pan, taps, tiles, bath, shower, vanity, washbasin, leaking showers, mold issues.


Cracking, bulging, defective lining, dampness & water damage, distortion, drummy plaster, nails popping, structural framing problems.

Licensed Inspectors

Fully licenced in both Queensland and NSW. We service Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the greater Brisbane area including Ipswich, Logan and Redlands. All our treatments and services are carried out in compliance with the Australian Standard.

The team at CTS are winners with customer service and are experts in their field. We are so glad we chose CTS when searching for a company to assist with our termite problem. We liaised with Liz, Jake and Woody and received prompt, courteous good old fashioned service with a smile.
Deb Robinson-griffiths

Gold Coast

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