Frequently Asked Questions

Pest Control

No cleaning for 48 hours after our treatment. Vacuum or use a broom to remove spider’s webs 48 hours after our treatment. Remove all food scraps and make sure rubbish is taken out regularly, every night in the case of cockroach or ant infestations.
If possible, move any furniture, personal or stored items away from walls so our technician can spray all the skirting’s around your home. This includes; shoes and loose items in the bottom of cupboards and wardrobes etc. If your clothesline is attached to the external wall of your home please remove all clean laundry (Hills Hoist in the garden is ok). Please do not mop 2 hours prior to us arriving. In the case of cockroach infestations, all kitchen cupboards need to be cleaned out prior to treatment. In some cases, more than one treatment may be required. Flea treatments require all linen, bedding, clothing etc to be washed and pets to be flea treated. In some cased, more than one treatment may be required.
It takes 2 hours of dry weather for the chemical to bond to the external walls of your home giving you full coverage. If it is raining on the day of your treatment we will contact you to reschedule, in some cases, we may carry out the internal part of your pest control & then come back on a sunnier day to complete the outside.
If you have a fish tank inside your home please cover it with a towel and turn off the filter.  Birds in cages need to moved outside or to the centre of room & covered. Any pet food and water need to be put away. Outside fish ponds must be completely covered.
The products we use are safe however we recommend staying out of your home for a minimum of 30mins.
We use 3 products for our general pest control; a low odour chemical spray, a dust which is a plant based product and gel baits. Depending on the severity of your allergies, we recommend consulting your GP before treatment and remain out of the house for at least 2 hours.
Ants, spiders, cockroaches and silverfish. We also treat for mice, rats, wasps, mosquitoes and midges and offer discounted rates for any treatments carried out in addition to a general pest control.


This can vary with a chemical barrier, the pest company that installed your termite barrier will have put a sticker in your meter box – it should have the details when you need to next replenish your chemical barrier. We use Termidor, which lasts for 6-8years. A termite baiting and monitoring system need to be replenished annually.
If you have a baiting and monitoring system, stations can simply be removed by our technicians and replaced once you have completed your extension. If you have a chemical barrier call us and we will discuss the options on maintaining your barrier ensuring your home is protected. Gold Coast City Council has regulations on installing pre-construction termite protection, call us to see what you need.
Ummm, yes they do. Termites eat hardwood, softwood, will use treated wood as a bridge to a food source they love. They also eat through Cyprus pine which used to be a known natural poison, you’d be quite surprised what we’ve found termites eating through!
Termites are master hiders and can go undetected for months causing thousands of $$$ in structural damage to your home. Some signs of termites are; discoloration on a wall, mud leads, soft timber skirtings or door frames and bubbling paint. Some species of termites will make a sound like they are eating your home.
The hot wet weather on the Gold Coast makes conditions ideal for termites; we recommend annual termite pest inspections.
Homeowners insurance is designed to cover unexpected damage, unfortunately, Termites are not considered unexpected. Termite pest inspections will ensure early detection. A termite barrier will protect your home against the threat of termite attack.
Call us! Please don’t disturb them; this includes dousing them in petrol or spraying them with a household spray. Termites are quite sensitive creatures, this will only cause them to break off a lead and go somewhere else in your home.
There are 2 types of termite barriers; a chemical termite barrier and the baiting and monitoring system. Installed correctly they are both excellent systems, effective in eliminating termites and giving you the protection you need. Neither system is a one size fits all, our technicians can let you know which system will work best around your home as well as give you an obligation free quote.