Termite Barriers

Termite Barriers: Protecting Your Home from Termites

Termite barriers are essential for safeguarding your property against the destructive nature of termites. At Complete Termite Solutions, we install chemical termite barrier systems around the property’s perimeter to create a continuous zone that can repel termites or eliminates them upon entry. These termite barriers effectively protect your dream home from subterranean termites, even those as small as 1.5mm. However, it’s important to note that termite management chemicals have a limited lifespan of three, five, or eight years before replenishment or top-up is necessary.

How Long Does a Chemical Termite Barrier Last?

A well-applied liquid soil termite barrier treatment can last up to eight years. The duration of the treatment depends on different factors, including the chosen termiticide product, thoroughness of application, local area, environmental conditions, conducive conditions to termite attack, previous infestations, and the density of termites on the site. If termites infest the structure within a year of treatment, it’s usually due to a limited treatment area or an untreated gap in the chemical barrier, rather than degradation of the termiticide.

The Purpose of a Termite Barrier

The Purpose of a Termite Barrier

The primary purpose of installing a termite barrier or soil treatment is to establish a long-lasting protective zone in the soil around your building. This barrier prevents termites from entering and inflicting major damage. In most cases, termites that have already invaded the structure will die off as they become inhibited by the treated zones and are unable to return to the soil for moisture. Modern products like Termidor, Ultrathor and Fipronil have improved upon repellent chemicals, allowing termites to freely forage into the treated zone, become infected, and carry the treatment back to the colony, thereby eliminating the infestation more effectively.

Australian Standards and Payment Plans.

Australian Standards and Payment Plans

Rest assured that all our termite treatments adhere to AS 3660.2, ensuring that your property receives professional and compliant services. To make our services accessible to all, we offer interest-free payment plans that suit your budget.

Trustworthy Termite Control Specialists

For more than ten years, Complete Termite Solutions has been a trusted provider of termite barrier systems, termite protection systems, termite inspections, and treatment solutions for homeowners and businesses in Southern Queensland & Northern New South Wales. Our pest control services are highly regarded in the industry due to our commitment to training our technicians, the effectiveness of our products, and our dedicated and friendly customer care.

Among our comprehensive range of termite management services, we offer both chemical and physical termite barriers. These barriers serve as a safe and effective solution to eliminate termites from your property and prevent future infestations.

Complete Termite Solutions has been a trusted community termite control business for over 10 years. With our range of services, including termite barriers, termite barrier re-treatments, termite baiting systems, physical barriers, we understand that each client’s needs are unique. When renewing the termite barrier, you can protect your home from future termite attacks and maintain its integrity.

For more information on termite barriers, pest control, and termite protection, contact us today. It’s time to exterminate those pests and safeguard your home!

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