Termite Protection

Termite Management Systems and Protection

There are 2 options when it comes to termite protection; the Baiting and Monitoring System and the Chemical System.

Some buildings will suit both options, however, the baiting and monitoring system lends itself to all structures whereas there can be limitations with a chemical system. This is principally due to design however things like poor drainage can also be a key factor when considering the most effective protection.

Chemical System

A chemical system needs to be installed to the perimeter of your home or commercial premises to be effective. To do this we drill holes into concrete or tiled areas and inject the chemical, for garden beds, soil or grass areas we dig a trench and chemically treat the soil underneath. In some areas around your home, we also have the option to install a reticulation pipe for the ease of future chemical treatment.

As part of the installation, we will treat any active termites close to your home we may also recommend placing strategic baiting and monitoring stations to garden areas to maximise results. Our expert technicians will advise you on site of the most effective solutions.

Any active termites inside your home will be treated as a priority before any termite management system is installed.

We use 2 types of chemicals, one is passive, the other active. The active is a pyrethroid that repels termites, and the passive is a non-repellant, as termites become exposed to the chemical they transfer it to the rest of the colony.

Baiting and monitoring system

The baiting and monitoring system is made up of individual stations installed at regular intervals as per the Australian Standard around your home to intercept foraging termites.

The baiting and monitoring system is suitable for all homes and is not limited by obstructions e.g. pools, decking, water tanks and tiled areas. It is also the best option for homes on multiple levels or sloping blocks.

Each bait station is installed into concrete or soil along with an attractant and timber. Stations are checked regularly by our technicians and bait is applied to the active stations until the colonies are eliminated. Stations are then replenished and continually checked. The bait we use is scientifically proven to kill a colony of termites and is eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe with pets and children.

Our technicians may recommend some chemicals be applied in areas, again this is to maximise results ensuring you have the best protection for your home.

There are multiple reasons why a termite management system can fail.

  • Being recommended the wrong system for the design of your home
  • Poor installation
  • Incorrect identification of slab detail
  • Natural movement of the soil around your home
  • The system installed is not managed correctly
  • Inferior chemicals or bait is used
  • Conducive areas listed in your pest inspection report are not acted upon

When choosing a system that is going to work for you, ask your inspector which one will work best for your home as well as the details on how the system will be installed and if it is to the Australian Standard.

Ask our technicians about all industry-supplied product warranties eg Termidor, Ensystex, Bayer, BASF

Licensed Inspectors

Fully licenced in both Queensland and NSW. We service Northern NSW, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and the greater Brisbane area including Ipswich, Logan and Redlands. All our treatments and services are carried out in compliance with the Australian Standard.

Excellent service, very pleasant to deal with. All staff we have dealt with have been extremely polite & knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Stewart Couper

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