It’s summer time again in Australia. While the rest of the world dreams of a snowy white Christmas…here on Queensland’s Gold Coast, white Christmas means the white-hot heat from the summer sun. All these adverse weather conditions can drive people to places like the beach or stay in the comforts of their home. Unfortunately for some of the households on the Gold Coast, like this one in Robina, the sub-tropical weather conditions created an ideal environment for foraging termites.

A client from Robina just went through a routine termite inspection by the expert team from CTS Termite and Pest Control and were relieved to know that their home was termite-free. However, the next four weeks welcomed a series of changing weather conditions from hot afternoons to rainy evenings. Having the expertise and the foresight to think ahead of termite colonies, the same team from CTS Termite and Pest Control went back to check on the Robina home.

There were no signs of damage in the home, however, the termites had already started building three tunnels in the home, one of which includes this tunnel on the outer wall. The team acted fast and took out the termites entirely. For good measure, the team from CTS Termite and Pest control installed a termite baiting and monitoring system in and around the home to protect against future termite attack.

‘Tis the season for termites to rush into homes to look for shelter, moisture, and food. Don’t let your home be the next house where termites can bring in the Christmas jeer. If you’re experiencing or suspecting termite activity in or near your home, act fast. Call CTS Termite and Pest Control now on 1300 664 971. You can also book an appointment to visit their office at 3/19 Jay Gee Court in Nerang. CTS Termite and Pest Control services suburbs like Robina and other suburbs on the Gold Coast.